Sunday, August 24, 2008

Behaviour Science and Psychiatric Mnemonics

Cluster personality disorders Cluster A Disorder = Atypical. Unusual and eccentric.
Cluster B Disorder = Beast. Uncontrolled wildness.
Cluster C Disorder = Coward [avoidant type], Compulsive [obsessive-compulsive type], or Clingy [dependent type].

Gain: primary vs. secondary vs. tertiary Primary: Patient's Psyche improved.
Secondary: Symptom Sympathy for patient.
Tertiary: Therapist's gain.

Depression: major episode characteristics SPACE DIGS:
Sleep disruption
Psychomotor retardation
Appetite change
Concentration loss
Energy loss
Depressed mood
Interest wanes
Suicidal tendencies

Impotence causes PLANE:
Psychogenic: performance anxiety
Libido: decreased with androgen deficiency, drugs
Autonomic neuropathy: impede blood flow redirection
Nitric oxide deficiency: impaired synthesis, decreased blood pressure
Erectile reserve: can't maintain an erection

Sleep stages: features DElta waves during DEepest sleep (stages 3 & 4, slow-wave).
dREaM during REM sleep.

AIDS Dementia Complex (ADC): features AIDS:
Atrophy of cortex
Infection/ Inflammation
Six months death

Rapid pulse/ Respiratory rate
Mental activity increase/ Muscle paralysis

Depression: symptoms BAD CRISES:
Behavioural change (slowing down or agitation)
Appetite change (weight loss or weight gain in the young)
Depressed look (looking down)
Concentration decrease (does not do serial 7s well)
Ruminations (constant negative thoughts, hopelessness good indicator of suicidality)
Interest (reduced interest in what is normally pleasurable)
Sleep change (insomnia or hypersomnia, sleeping early, waking up at night, waking up feeling tired)
Energy change (fatigue)

Male erectile dysfunction (MED): biological causes MED:
Medicines(propranalol, methyldopa, SSRI, etc.)
Diabetes mellitus

Heterosexual crushes/ Homosexual Experience
Education regarding short term benefits
Risk taking
· And there is interest in being a Hero (popular).

Autistic disorder: features AUTISTICS:
Again and again (repetitive behavior)
Unusual Abilities
Talking (language) delay
IQ subnormal
Social development poor
Three years onset
Inherited component [35% concordance]
Cognitive impairment
Self injury

Narcolepsy: symptoms, epidemiology CHAP:
Attacks of sleep
Paralysis on waking
· Usual presentation is a young male, hence "chap".

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